Soft Sketches

Prior to the Library Test Kitchen starting, I was trying to think of projects — some examples of what you could do in this seminar. More like provocations than anything else.

The earliest one that stuck as a project in this context was the cellphone booth. I blogged the stub idea a couple months back. I found myself in the library getting calls, and I’d have to leave and go upstairs and outside to take it. No fun. So began thinking how this undesirable behavior could be comfortably absorbed by the library itself.

This was the initial sketch of library cellphone boothsSo I did a cushion model as an iterationBack in that original "context"

The above was the orignal provocation used to describe the seminar.  I’ve been waiting for some time to pursue it, and found a little last night.  I made a soft sketch with some cotton cloth, and a nice old sewing machine that’s served me well for years and years.

So I did a cushion model as an iteration


The thinking with the soft structure was that when located inside, the booth doesn’t have all the environmental forces weighing on it.  It can lean on the library for the stiff envelope.  So then it became primarily about acoustic dampening.  Fabric seemed a place to start.

However, scaling this fabrication style doesn’t scale easily.  I huge zipper?  Sewing burlier fabrics?  Complexity.  But it does suggest a direction.

Back in that original "context"

Notes to elaborate on/designed out:

Is it a little too private?

How do you get people to not take calls for too long?  Or know if someone’s waiting?

Could/should there be windows?


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One Response to Soft Sketches

  1. Aaron says:

    Reminds me of this:

    An interesting thing about your mockup is that, if a bit bigger and perhaps if they had chairs, they might make nice, portable/modular focus rooms. This could come in handy to absorb crunch time behavior:

    The occupancy problem could be solved with a flipped sign but it would be nice to find a passive way, like a window.

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