What would github for graphics look like?

Go ahead, take it! A recent uncompressed mockup. Save and open in Adobe Fireworks for the complete layers, etc.

Github is great for code. It’s shared, tweaked, evolving into libraries and projects.  The contributors have embraced open.  What would a github for graphics and media production look like?  A place where designers would share all their raw files and catalog their process.

Github works because git is so useful.  A version of git could be optimized for media and it’d probably be useful (if not already done), as version control/naming conventions for media files often leave much to be desired.

Then there’s the social dimension.  I know there’s dribbble (which I have no experience with). But I don’t believe people are sharing the full files, the unflattened, fully layered stuff.  What would an open platform to deposit, host and fork graphics look like?  Could be still images, eg photoshop .psd’s, illustrator .ai files, or final cut for motion, etc.

Stuff would be made openly available, tracked, forked, pulled.  Etc.

Would a large population of designers be willing to fully embrace open sourcing their work?  Would I even be?

Instead of  ”show and tell”, “show and take”?


**just read about this, funny how ideas are in the air….

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