Learning to write how Hunter S. Thompson did

I was combing through some Hunter S. Thompson videos last week and came across this segment  (up to 9:45)  that really struck me.  That written text is like sheet music.  And it can be “performed” not only by reading to yourself or aloud, but by typing it out as well.

I’m definitely a learn-from-experience type of person.  This seemed like such a good idea.  I tried to get myself to do it, but I couldn’t.   I didn’t have the discipline to just sit myself down and type out a book that I loved.

I was wondering if making some sort of fun web app would get me over the hump to do it. Was thinking:

  1. Modify a typing program so you can insert preferred text
  2. Show five or ten words ahead of where you are
  3. You chase down the sentence
  4. Perhaps you could also have an accuracy slider, so that, say, you don’t need to type in the grammar if you don’t want to.  Or multiple spelling errors are acceptable  (instead of just a few)….


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